DDR Museum

With more than half a million visitors, the DDR Museum belongs to one of the most-visited museums in Berlin and, thanks to its innovative design, belongs to the most interactive museums in the world.

The Trabi in the exhibition still smells of the DDR: Take a seat, turn the ignition key, look straight ahead, put your foot on the gas and off you go! Typical Trabi sounds and a simulated drive through a Plattenbau settlement will give you an idea of how it felt like to drive such an original.

Information and exhibits are hiding behind drawers, shelves and doors, everything is waiting to be touched and experienced. Interactive, lively, entertaining and scientifically well-grounded, the DDR Museum is offering the opportunity to experience everyday life in the DDR in person.

In 2016, the DDR Museum extended its exhibition and is now showing an authentically furnished Plattenbau apartment of the WBS 70 type: A living room, a children’s room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom are allowing the visitor to experience the living atmosphere of the 1980s.

Everyday life – Wall – Stasi: Visitors will learn everything there is to know about the German Democratic Republic!

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